MIMI & LISA - game

MIMI & LISA - game



The Mimi & Lisa game is a simple 2D adventure based on the namesake TV series. Mimi and Lisa navigate players through adventures of joy and imagination. Together, they solve simple puzzles and explore locations kids may know from the TV series or books.

Mimi is a charming little girl with her eyes closed. She sees the world through her sensitive palms, ears, and nose. Although visually impaired, she is neither sad nor lonely. She has her nice and tidy room where she feels safe, her loving dad, and her friend Lisa which brings joy and excitement into her organised world.

Lisa is the opposite of Mimi’s cautiousness. She is eager to see everything with her open eyes and explore it all by the touch of her hand. She has a great deal of courage, imagination, and playfulness. She is special, too. Lisa is a girl with eyes wide open.

Who the play is for:

Kids aged 4 to 6 and all parents who want their kids to learn unconventionally via video games.

What you need to run the play:

At the moment, the play is being developed only for tablets that use the Android operating system. We are considering a version for Apple tablets in the future.

Game objectives:

Educating children - by simple puzzles, location exploration, and combining the two protagonists’ special strengths.
Spreading empathy, love and tolerance towards kids with special needs. And seeing how great friendship is!
Getting to know the book and series’ world interactively - the game lets kids visit locations, meet characters and collect objects they know from the series.